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Our Core Products

Steel and Alloy Steel Castings
Control Valve Components
Automobile Castings
Boiler Accessories
Pressure tight aluminium castings for valve accessories market (EEX IIC, Zone 0 / Zone 1)

At Yama Control Company, we manufacture Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel and Nickel based Alloys in sand castings. We have obtained approval from Central Boilers Board, Government of India and supply castings with IBR certifications by using Witness Pouring method. We have obtained license to manufacture enclosures for valve accessories suitable for explosive atmosphere from M/s. Central Mining Research Institute, Dhanbad. The only institute in India, which certifies for Group IIC not to mention apart from Gr. IIA, IIB environments. The accessories are widely used in thermal power stations, hydrocarbon industries etc. Apart from the Explosion Proof Certification, the accessories are supplied with Weather Proof Certification as per customer’s requirements.

Range of Casting Products

Valve Castings
Industries like petrochemical, thermal and fertilizer units consume valves in huge quantities. These valve castings are supplied in machined or cast condition. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) like Radiography, Ultrasonic, and Magnetic Particle testing are conducted and Test Certificates issued, wherever required.

Corrosion Resistance Castings
Corrosion resistant pump and valve castings are produced. Especially in liquid processing industries, chemicals are handled for which corrosion resistance is a must. For this, castings with high percentage alloying elements are cast. Precision heat treatment cycle is followed to obtain best corrosion resistance property.

Automobile & Earth Moving Castings
Tough castings with differential heat treatment are produced. In general high carbon with low level of alloying elements is cast. High wear resistance property is preferred and the foundry meets these specifications. These castings are supplied to a TS 16949 certified company, who in turn supply to the domestic market as well export to their foreign collaborators in various countries.

Cement Mill Castings
Wear plates of high manganese steel are used and the foundry supplies in fully heat treated condition. Heat resistant castings used in the kiln are also produced to meet high temperature application.

Aluminium Castings
The castings required for valve accessories such as Limit Switch Assemblies, Junction Boxes and Position Transmitters are manufactured in a separate unit. These castings are made in Aluminium alloy. Then these are machined, assembled, tested at a 22 kg / Cm2 and then painted. Each and every assembly is tested to ensure that they meet the stringent quality norms as specified by the Indian Standard (IS 2148) and International Standard. For Group IIC enclosures, we obtain the certificate for each and every batch. Apart from this certification, we also offer Temperature Class Certification for our products.
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